Charlottesville Virgina: Unite The Right

The USA is a terrifying place to live right now, especially as a minority and woman. I couldn’t wait because I can’t believe what was displayed today. 

Before I speak on the subject I will say this. Our first amendment is extremely important and once you start silencing any group that is dangerous. That is censorship. I don’t like white supremacy but our first amendment is more important than people realize. No one should be silenced but don’t condone racist behavior and language. 

Here is where my issues lie. My main issue is how when there were protest in Ferguson, Black peoples were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. Police forces were silencing black people. There is no other words for it. Police protected white supremacist and allowed them to protest. Why is one cause protected and the other not?

Donald Trumps speech was extremely off. How are you going to say there is extreme hate on both sides. People were protesting to keep a General Robert E Lee statue a prominent confederate figure in the Civil War. CONFEDERATE. Also how are you going to say to we need to cherish our history? Cherish that white people once treated minorities like cattle? Cherish that white people didn’t think minorities were equal? How could he not address white supremacy as a problem. Is it because those are the people who support him?

The civil rights movement wasn’t that long ago. There is plenty of people still living when that time was their reality. Like my grandpa. He never thought he would see the day that a black man would be president. Now it’s almost like the progress we made has been reversed. There needs to be a change. Inequality has always been an issue. More recently hidden by institutional racism. Now Blatant racism is coming front and center and our president won’t address it directly. I’m honestly speechless who knew this could be happening in 2017.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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