Marriage, Coffee, and Shopping. 

I’ve always wanted to get married. Ever since I was a little girl I fantasized about it. When I got older I was hooked on all the wedding shows you could think of and also had my wedding planned to the T. I think that’s one of the reason I stayed with my ex so long because he bought me a promise ring and we would always talk about getting married. I knew it wasn’t working but I also thought marriage would change that. (Yikes!) 

I still want to get married someday even though I view it differently. The only reason I bring this up because one of my boyfriend’s cousin is getting married and we are invited. I’m truly excited because even though I don’t see marriages on a pedestal like I use to, I still love weddings and I haven’t been to one in forever. The last one I was invited to one was from a man I was truly infactuated by. I didn’t go for obvious reasons and their marriage didn’t work out.

My boyfriend and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to look at their wedding registry and buy them a gift. A selection of overpriced wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, blenders, and etc. It seems a little silly to me but there I was buying $40 wine glasses.  I hope them the best honestly.

Being at Bed Bath and Beyond I realize how much I need a coffee maker. I think I spent on a average seven dollars a day (honestly my boyfriend does) on a Starbucks coffee and breakfast sandwich and in all honestly isn’t that great. I need coffee though. 

I went to The Press Expresso in Temecula CA. It’s hard to find something that isn’t fucking Starbucks in the area. It’s a cute little place. I got a butterscotch cold brew and a honey lavender cheesecake. The coffee didn’t taste like butterscotch at all and it was almost $5 but I was big fan of the cheesecake. 

Also I went shopping yesterday for the first time in forever (for a dress for the wedding but I also was steering away from it a little) I have some body issues that stir from when I was a kid and yesterday I kinda felt good about my body. Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. It’s mostly don’t. Either way I’m still on the hunt to find a dress.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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