104 Cambon Drive

Trying to move to San Francisco was a mess. I was waiting on approval for a loan so I could pay rent for a place and two weeks before the first semester started at SFSU I got a letter saying I was denied. I didn’t know what to do but apply for a different loan and hope it would go through. I did and got a loan and at last minute I had to find a place. My friend at the time told me of a house in Park Merced of four other girls (Sam, Bri, Viri, and Maysie) looking for a roommate. The rent was $550 a month and the house was fully furnished. Good deal right? And I was desperate.

I moved in a week later before everyone else and I could see that they already formed a bond. I also never was good at making friends. I’m a awkward lone wolf. There was a welcome week for incoming freshmen and that night particular there was a concert on campus. 

We sat down watch a band play. Then all the girls proceeded to make fun a red hair girl for no reason. That’s when I knew shit wasn’t going to go good for me in this house. It also didn’t help that I really didn’t like to drink or do drugs (at the time)

Don’t get me wrong I do talk shit but usually you have to give me a reason why. 

So I started to distance myself from them more and more. I was passive aggressive about the mess they would make and also about them eating my food I was paying for. (I barely had any money I was fucking struggling) I also was more concerned about fucking my boyfriend and getting okay grades.

Tensions were high all the time. One day I decided to reactivate my Facebook and I saw two of them had posted a video about me. It was like the movie Mean Girls where they create a plan to get rid of Regina George but instead it was a plan of getting rid of me. I was horrified. I started crying and I didn’t know how to react other than going to sleep over at my best friend’s apartment (which our friendship wasn’t doing so great either) 

They sort of apologized about it but still continued to mock me. In the end everyone hated everyone and we got kicked of the house by the end of the second semester. 

These days I have better humor about it. I  think that it’s hilarious if I’m completely honest. It’s so crazy that people could be so cruel. Times with them weren’t always terrible but I hope them well. I still think about them every once in awhile. We were all so young and stupid.

(Not pictured Viri or Maysie. Kelly(the gypsy) is just a bystander)

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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