Girl Talk

I once read an article that to become a better writer you have to grab cocktails so I did. (Maybe too many)

Janiece is my best friend. I don’t know how we are friends. When we first met about two years  ago we were complete opposites, still are really. She was a shy innocent virgin and me, not so much. My true yin to my yang. 

A lot has happened in between those two years where we practically swapped. I dragged her to a lot of bars (she enjoyed it a lot) and I ended up surprisingly falling in love. (We both didn’t think it was going to happen) She is my true yin to my yang.

She starts the conversation about the many men of her life and how they all stress her out. She really doesn’t know what she wants but she likes the attention and sex. I could relate. The only conversation I could really bring to the table of wanting a family and thinking about pursuing writing.

The drinks keep flowing and we bring up memories of my drunkish foolishness and her growing up. The memories that brought us closer together. 

In the beginning of the drinks we said we weren’t going to 1909. The last time we went to 1909 Janiece told a cute bartender that she was going to fuck the shit out of him (if he heard her I don’t know but probably) and she also fell down in the bathroom and threw up. But the sangria there is really good and it wouldn’t be a Hannah and Janiece’s night without 1909.

When we went there and there was no hard feelings from last time. The bartenders we knew smiled and asked us how we were. It had been awhile.  We saw the cute bartender. We tried to avoid contact but he made small conversation with us and it put us at ease. After a few more cocktails it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and made our way to IN N OUT.

One cheeseburger for Janiece. One cheeseburger and two animal style fries for me. 

It was time to go home.

I was feeling nolstagic and put Bryson Tiller on her Bluetooth speakers.

“This is the shit I don’t condone, Cheating on your man but you can get it if you want it.” 

We sang along like every time before. We hadn’t seen each other in a month but nothing had changed. It was times like these that are priceless.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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