Daily Prompt: Anticipate

I remember like it was yesterday, sitting across from you at Denny’s after our friends rap show. You were telling me about your ex girlfriend that broke up with you about three weeks ago. I was telling you that I felt relationships were a waste of time anyway.

About a week later you asked if you could take me out because you forgot your card at the show and I paid for you. I said yes and it was a long night of being too honest and maybe too much beer. You kissed me and I was surprised. I rode my bike home wondering what to think of the situation.

A few weeks later still confused we ended up in a hotel room. You looked into my eyes and said “You’re my best friend. Don’t be scared.” I knew I wasn’t confused, I was falling for you.

It turned into months of seeing each other everyday. We went to a bar one night and I asked “What are we doing?” Your face sunk and you said “I don’t know I’m still not over her.” I cried, anticipating the moment you would want to be with me.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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