I’m drunk 

My boyfriend and I are regulars at a local wing place. We get along with the bartenders on a lower aquatinted level. An other bartender had walked, I wasn’t aware she quit. The other bartender commented that she got a REAL career. It made me sad.

I had just listen to this podcast by NPR about getting unstuck. That a lot of us are unhappy with our jobs and lives and not doing what makes us happy for numerous things no for scene opportunities or money opportunities, quote on quote getting stuck. That we aren’t willing to struggle or compromise for our dreams.

I’ve been guilty of this most of my life. Every time I had a friend get a job out of the customer service field I would say “she got a real girl job!” I’m disappointed I ever said that.

I told myself recently that I would write everyday, save for little workshops and next year apply for Fafsa and do school online, it will be my first year as a non dependent. Hello 25!!!

 As of recently my job doesn’t make me unhappy and it pays the bill. I can survive. It’s not my dream but I’m working on that and it’s fine. It may take awhile but it’s fine at least I’m trying.

I just wished everyone believed that.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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