Daily Prompt: Narcissism

A few cocktails

We were roaming the streets of San Francisco

We stopped in front of a church

You told me we were all Gods in this world

I looked into your eyes and you kissed me

I don’t remember much other than I forgot my bra on your floor and didn’t want to come back to your apartment

But I did anyway with a six pack of beer

Already drunk

You told me you didn’t want anything serious

I told you I liked your friends better

A week after you came with me downtown

I grabbed some flowers for a friend

You said you felt like I was falling in love with you

I said don’t be so full of yourself

We hadn’t talked in weeks and you texted me that you wanted to hang out

I told you to go fuck yourself

A month later you bought me a red rose

I never knew why you thought I cared so much

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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