Black Wigan

I never really advocate for social media activism but I don’t know what struck a cord in me that day. There was once a point in my life that I was I guess you can say disgusted my homeless people. I thought they were lazy people who didn’t want to look for a job. That was when I was in high school and before I learned life is a lot more complicated, people are a lot complicated than that. I remember when I was living in SF and I told myself I would stop ignoring homeless people. If I didn’t have to money or if I didn’t want to give them money I’ll let them know but I would stop just ignoring their presence like most people do. I found out a lot of people sometimes just want conversation. Honestly it was heartbreaking because a lot of us don’t even see them as people but for the most part homeless people are just like us (people who have homes) but under different circumstances. Life didn’t dealt them with the privilege that I know I have. So it fucking angers me when people say some stupid shit about homeless people because they don’t take a second of the day to do research or even have an ounce of empathy/sympathy. It’s disgusting to me. People can have different views but at least be fucking educated about. I’m tired of people talking out of their asses and also when having a civil conversation, try and keep it that way instead of low blows of telling me I don’t belong in the town I grew up and calling me flat out a black Wigan (just call me a nigger because we all know you are thinking about it) I’m tired of this divide but I will forever tired of ignorance.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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