I have been thinking about Portland a lot. Mostly because I’ve missed traveling. There was a short period two years ago where I took a break and traveled for about three months. One of my favorite trips was Portland. I talked a lot of shit about the city because it’s not very diverse at all and the small black community that Portland did have, they have been pushing out. With that being said I love Portland as a city. I love all the breweries, the coffee shops, superior doughnuts (I don’t even like fucking doughnuts), strip clubs, Powell’s, and the rose garden!

When I went to Portland I was in a weird stage in my life. One I was very irresponsible before I left and spent a lot of money on drinking and partying and only had $250 for the whole week which isn’t a lot let me tell you. Two I was technically single. My husband and I were dating but he made it very clear that we weren’t together but I loved him already at this point no matter how much I denied it.

When I went to Portland I didn’t expect to make any connections. (Every trip I have made though I have connected with someone though. It’s hard not to.) Right off the back I started hanging out with my hostel mates. The main people I talked to are Ryan and Ben. Ryan was a young kid who really wanted to work in film. He moved out as soon as he was 18 and lived in New York and spent some time in Eastern Europe and somehow ended up in Portland working as a on hand person in the hostel. He got paid very little but also got to stay at the hostel for free. That man could really make a $1 stretch, maybe that is the reason I survived that week. Ben was an Australian man from Perth. At first I saw him as lazy because all he would do is sit around the hostel and not do much. He had been on an extended holiday and already been to Vietnam and all over Europe. He felt it was time to relax. (To be honest when traveling take a fucking moment to relax from normal life, you probably ain’t going to do everything you want and that’s a harsh truth. I learned this the hard way) His biggest dream was to move to America and open up a coffee shop.

Highlights of this trip are times I spent alone. Before I always needed someone to be around and the more and more I traveled I began to love myself and accept me. I ate a maple bacon doughnut from Blue Star everyday. (Shout out to the one worker who hooked it up with free doughnuts!) Powell’s bookstore is the most superior bookstore I have ever been too but I still am soft for The Green Apple and Dog Eared in SF. Seeing Seahaven was pretty cool but hated the guy who decided it was a good time to mosh during their set. Sitting by myself in the rose gardens. Smoking a joint down the street and no one questioning it. Drinking a few beers at the most random brewery. The biggest one was stripping on stage in Casa Diablo, a vegan strip club. (That is one of the craziest moments of my life)

Portland was a time and place where I truly felt free. Where I felt like I could conquer the world with only $250 in my bank account. I miss the feeling.

Here’s the trip in snapchats. I hate 2016 me who never used my camera and only Snapchat.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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