When I was young

I logged into my photobucket and I love my younger self. I loved that I took so many pictures and selfies so I can look back and reminisce and cringe at the same time. I’m going to tell some short stores from my childhood. I was feeling super nostalgic today because me and my coworkers were talking about games we use to play as children.

  • This is my most embarrassing moment of my life. So I really like this guy in sixth grade. I don’t know what it was because when I look back he wasn’t even that cute. Anyway I didn’t even really talk to him just a typical schoolgirl crush. One day I decided I was going to grow a pair of balls and write a letter to him confessing how I felt about him. Another piece to this story is that he had a girlfriend and I knew he had a girlfriend but this didn’t stop me from my rachetness of giving this guy this love letter. So I gave him the letter and he never said anything to me about it so obviously I was sad about that but to top it off his girlfriend came up to me and said “Your letter was cute.” The moral of the story is never try to take another girl’s man.
  • So as a kid I was a tetherball girl but I never was that great at it. There was this kid and his name was Shane (I doubt he will find this blog) He was the best tetherball player of the playground. One day by some type of miracle, I happened to beat Shane. I never let it down and I never did do a rematch because that’s all the validation I needed.
  • I joined ten clubs in sophomore year of high school just so I could be in the yearbook a shit ton of times. I hated all the clubs and everyone in them.
  • I use to play a lot of four square until one kid push me on the blacktop and I got a chunk of my knee taken off. I never did snitch, I should of though.
  • I got in trouble in elementary school because I told this girl I was going to kill her. I was joking of course but I guess I really scared the girl.
  • My favorite field trip I ever took was at this  farm. It was suppose to teach you how the Pilgrims lived. So we got to milk cows, make corn husk dolls, clean clothes on those weird wash boards and etc.

Here are some photos from the good old myspace days.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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