Ecoptic Pregnancy: A Poem!

I patiently waited seven hours

for a doctor to tell me

I’m pretty sure you are having a tubular pregnancy

but we are going wait until Friday just in case

I ended up back in the ER

from the pain

just for them to tell me

that the baby that wasn’t viable was already dying

Lucky me

The doctor asked me to come back tomorrow

for a shot of methotrexate

I already had $300 in co-pays

My husband bought me a five pack of cotton panties since I own no underwear

My mom bought me heavy pads for the bleeding

I bought a CBG cartridge for the pain

Before I got the shot

a nurse looks me in the eye and asked me if I wanted to do this for sure

False hope

of a dream that was already dead

before it even started

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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