Girlfriend/Fiancé/Ex Girlfriend

I stalked her Instagram

Trying to decode if the boy in the green shirt was you

Multiple selfies with her platinum blonde hair

A few art shots from her college days

Expensive taste thanks to her trust fund

The funny thing is I feel like we could of been friends if it weren’t for you

That’s what you use to say about my boyfriend

I could never get past the fact if it felt the same for her

Did she smile every time you made a dumb joke?

Did her knees go weak every time you kissed her?

She knew about me but only once ever confronted me

I wanted to be woman to woman with her but she hid away once you got a grasp on her again

I felt bad for her.

But I was under the same trance, I understood but I couldn’t help but laugh still.

I guess I couldn’t laugh too much because she still got the ring on your finger.

I may of won the battle but you won the war even if it ended up in divorce.

I also stalked her Instagram

A lot of selfies

A lot of photos of her El Camino

Even some photos of both of you even though it’s been months since you guys broke up

I never knew why I cared so much

Maybe it’s the fact that you couldn’t give your all because of her

Sometimes you would still talk to her just to say hello

Even when you were in my bed at night

Struggling to find why a man won’t love me

Thinking I can find the key in these failed lovers

When the answer was there the whole time.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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