Look at me now!

Okay guys, I took the leap! I got a domain and I actually kinda feel like a blogger. (Not saying if you don’t have a domain, you aren’t a blogger because you are but it’s a necessary step) I was in a deep existential crisis yesterday and I also was writing a lot and I decided fuck it, I’m going for it. It was only like $49 but if I don’t write than it is a waste of money.

Anyway the reason I took the leap is because I really don’t do anything for myself. Anything I want to do, I keep saying I want to do it or I give up when it gets too hard. I have to stop that. I have to try a bit harder. I have nothing to lose really.

Anyway I just wanted to make that announcement because I’m happy that I’m doing something. If I actually will keep it up is another story but I’m not going to try and kill my vibe already.

Anyway I wanted to post a selfie of myself. I just started this online shopping craze. (Yes I know I’m very late but something about it scares me) I got two necklaces from Dolls Kill and I’m in love with the choker I got but don’t know when the fuck I will wear it, so enjoy.

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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