A MySpace bulletin board

  1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? 
  2. is your room messy or clean? Somewhere in between
  3. what color are your eyes? Brown
  4. do you like your name? why? Ive grown to like my name. I like it because it’s mine. I hate this question.
  5. what is your relationship status?  Married
  6. describe your personality in 3 words or less. Quirky, observant, nice
  7. what color hair do you have? A very dark brown
  8. what kind of car do you drive? color? Never had a car.
  9. where do you shop? Honestly everywhere.
  10. how would you describe your style? Eccentric.
  11. favorite social media account Instagram
  12. what size bed do you have? California King
  13. any siblings? Just one
  14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? Los Angeles because I’ve always been in love.
  15. favorite snapchat filter?  I don’t remember the last time I was on Snapchat so can’t answer.
  16. favorite makeup brand(s) Never wear any makeup
  17. how many times a week do you shower? I shower everyday, sometimes a twice a day. You do the math.
  18. favorite tv show? Sex and the city
  19. shoe size? 7 1/2
  20. how tall are you? 5’7″
  21. sandals or sneakers?  Sneakers
  22. do you go to the gym?  No lol.
  23. describe your dream date. Beach, drinks, weed, food
  24. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? I don’t carry cash ever
  25. what color socks are you wearing?  Never wear socks. Yes I know it’s gross but they bother me so much.
  26. how many pillows do you sleep with? One
  27. do you have a job? what do you do?  I quit my job a few days ago
  28. how many friends do you have?  It feel like none at the moment.
  29. whats the worst thing you have ever done?  Cheat on a past significant other instead of just letting him go
  30. whats your favorite candle scent?  Clean scents
  31. 3 favorite boy names. Johnny, Aiden, Matthew
  32. 3 favorite girl names. Clementine, Genesis
  33. favorite actor?  Don’t have any that come to mind to be honest.
  34. favorite actress?  Same answer.
  35. who is your celebrity crush? Currently Bad Bunny.
  36. favorite movie?  Amelie
  37. do you read a lot? whats your favorite book?  Yes and that’s hard but I might have to say The Great Gatsby
  38. money or brains?  Money
  39. do you have a nickname? what is it?  Nope
  40. how many times have you been to the hospital? Honestly too much times to remember
  41. top 10 favorite songs. lol I’m not doing this one because it’s too much. I love music too much.
  42. do you take any medications daily?  nope
  43. what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) combination
  44. what is your biggest fear?  Failure
  45. how many kids do you want?  I hate this question for obvious reasons.
  46. whats your go to hair style? I wear a fro
  47. what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc)  it’s a small cute house
  48. who is your role model?  I don’t believe in role models, everyone will let you down.
  49. what was the last compliment you received? I bought a random girl a brownie sundae yesterday and one of the workers said I was sweet.
  50. what was the last text you sent? AJ flaked on me lol
  51. how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real? My parents never put me through that
  52. what is your dream car?  G Wagon
  53. opinion on smoking? Weed is the only thing anyone should smoke
  54. do you go to college?  I did go to college
  55. what is your dream job?  A writer
  56. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?  Depends
  57. do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?  No
  58. do you have freckles?  Yes
  59. do you smile for pictures? Always
  60. how many pictures do you have on your phone? 8,089
  61. have you ever peed in the woods?  Probably
  62. do you still watch cartoons?  Nope
  63. do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? Never eaten at Wendy’s in my life
  64. Favorite dipping sauce?  Sweet and Sour
  65. what do you wear to bed?  Nothing
  66. have you ever won a spelling bee? Nope I’m a horrible speller
  67.  what are your hobbies? Writing, reading and drawing
  68. can you draw?  Somewhat
  69. do you play an instrument? No I wish
  70. what was the last concert you saw?  Kimya Dawson
  71. tea or coffee? Tea
  72. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Starbucks
  73. do you want to get married? I am
  74. what is your crush’s first and last initial? I’m rolling my eyes
  75. are you going to change your last name when you get married?  I’m married and haven’t changed my last name
  76. what color looks best on you?  Red
  77. do you miss anyone right now?  My brother
  78. do you sleep with your door open or closed? Closed
  79. do you believe in ghosts? I don’t know to be honest
  80. what is your biggest pet peeve?  Rude ass people
  81. last person you called my mom
  82. favorite ice cream flavor?  Vanilla
  83. regular oreos or golden oreos?  Regular Oreos
  84. chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?  Rainbow
  85. what shirt are you wearing?  I’m naked
  86. what is your phone background? A picture of me and my husband
  87. are you outgoing or shy? I wouldn’t say I’m shy but I’m not outgoing
  88. do you like it when people play with your hair? No
  89. do you like your neighbors? Don’t really know them but one of my neighbors bark late at night and early in the morning and it’s annoying
  90. do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? Not as much as I need to
  91. have you ever been high?  I’m high all the time
  92. have you ever been drunk?  Too many times to remember
  93. last thing you ate?  Lucky Charms
  94. favorite lyrics right now Passing out the pieces of me don’t you know nothing comes free
  95. summer or winter?  Winter
  96. day or night?  Day
  97. dark, milk, or white chocolate?  White
  98. favorite month?  Shucks I don’t have one
  99. what is your zodiac sign Pisces
  100.  who was the last person you cried in front of? My husband

Author: hmalcorn

Hannah Marie. 25. Southern California.

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