Friday Afternoon

I feel like things are getting better slowly. I’m starting my new job on Monday and I’m excited. My brother leaves for combat training on Tuesday. It sucks because I won’t be able to be there to send him off but I spent all the time I could with him and it’s not that time yet! So I’m going to try and not be bummed.

So yesterday Jaime, my brother and I went to Oceanside. It’s been so long. Jaime and I use to go at least once a week but finances hasn’t been so strong lately but they are getting better.

We went to the beach first, had a few splashes of beer at Barrel Republic, and then ate too much at the sunset market.

Later on Jaime and I went to our favorite brewery and watched Game 1 of the Finals. I’m going for the Raptors because I’m fucking tired of watching the Warriors win. I’m also a fan of Kawhi Leonard. Anyway it was so nice seeing the Raptors win but I’m not too confident they could actually win the Finals.

Jaime and I are doing a lot better. I’m happy that things between us are going back to normal. The stress it causes me when we are fighting or not seeing eye to eye is truly unbearable.

Today I truly haven’t done much and probably won’t either. I’ve been feeling sick lately. I have body aches and my lymph nodes are swollen but no other symptom has hit me yet. I really want to get some tea though from this bougie tea and boba place that has been open for awhile in town but haven’t gone yet.

At the moment though I’m watching this new romcom on Netflix called Always Be My Maybe. It’s good so far if you like romcoms. Also it’s so San Francisco it’s painful. I really do miss San Francisco but I just know it’s not the same.

Until next time my friends!

30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 13

Day 13: What’s in your fridge?

I live with my sister in law and her kids so not everything is mine but we are all Latinos so everything is up for grabs but to get to the knitty gritty the things that are mine are some frozen fruit, frozen tamales from Christmas, a lot of the containers of left overs are mine (ceviche, corn bread, pot roast). I would think my fridge is pretty normal, got all your food groups in there. If we were to talk about my fridge in my last apartment, all that was ever in there was beer. Nothing else.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Top 10 Favorite Foods

This is really hard because I do have a bad relationship with food. Also the foods I like always tend to change. I’m going to try my best at this.

1. Fish tacos

Lately this is literally all I’ve wanted to eat. I don’t even like seafood much because I worked at a seafood restaurant for about three years and it fucked with my mind. I’m slowly have been recovering but at the moment I fucking love fish tacos and have ate them at least twice this week.

2. In N Out

I have a sick obsession. I have been trying to eat a little better lately. I had a revelation that I need to take better care of myself not just to be skinny or whatever but for the sake of my health but I still eat In N Out like once a week at least.

3. Sushi

I love it all. I even love bad sushi. I want it all.

4. Rice

Everything goes with rice. I always want rice. I’ve always been this way.

5. Meat Pies

I don’t know why but I love about any meat pie. Chicken pot pie. Shepherds pie. I know it’s considered “old people’s” food but I don’t care it’s really good.

6. Big Macs

I haven’t been eating McDonald’s as much I use to but nothing is more Americana and classic than a Big Mac. I hadn’t eaten McDonald is a good few months but I got high enough the other day to eat one.


I don’t know if this one really counts but I count on edibles for my sanity or I would just be an angry bitch all the time.

8. Hot Dogs

I absolutely love hot dogs. I don’t know what it is. I don’t eat them very much but if they serving hot dogs at a party, you bet your ass I’m eating one.

9. Menudo

Always down for menudo. Never can say no.

10. Cinnamon rolls

I don’t really like sweets like that but I crave cinnamon rolls all the time. I’m going to say it’s my favorite sweet of all time.

Y’all really don’t understand that this took forever to write but this is my list! What is your favorite food. Comment down below! (My faux YouTube personality is coming thru!!!)

30 Day Challenge Day 4

Day 4- Your Dream Job

You know I really hate this question because I have a lot of passions. I would say my number one is writing. I have been in a funk lately though.

I would like to write a book in my life. I mean I actually have when I was a kid on a old ass computer. Who knows where that computer is now but I would like to be published. I could die a happy women.

Another possible dream job is I would love to be a food blogger. It just takes a lot of time and patience that seems to run thin at times. I love to cook but sometimes I need a lot of motivation to do it.

So I guess short answer would be a writer. Here’s some photos of me making fresh pasta earlier today and follow me on Instagram at be_your_own_3am to watch more of my Instagram stories.