Avocado Jones

It was about a week before the Jameson bartenders ball and you texted me out of the blue to be your date. I said yes but I was nervous. We hadn’t really established a true friendship, just a vain acquaintanceship. It didn’t help that you were a Regina George, a true Courtney Alice Shayne. 

I spent all day trying to find the perfect outfit to impress you. I just ended up saying fuck it and took the 48 to your house. Just to find out you were freaking out too. You couldn’t find a belt and didn’t want to be seen with me without a belt.

We ended up going to some posh bar on Valencia where the bartenders were as pretentious as the atmosphere.

You told me you were in love with the pretty boy bartender with the Macklemore haircut and rode a roadster bike.

I asked you “How many times have you been in love?”

You took the Rose Quartz that was around my neck and placed it on your forehead and started to cry.

You looked at me and said “I fall in love every single day.”

That exact moment is when I fell in love with you.

Tumblr Collection: I want the truth, Give it to me hard.

I don’t want fresh orchids

I want dead rotting white roses

In a shattered glass vase

Releasing the blood of truth

I don’t want your tender sweet kisses

I want you to bite my lips

Serpent kiss

I want to stare into your once sincere Eyes



I want to turn to stone


Feel nothing

Like Before

Tumblr Poem Collection: Canada Dry

I haven’t eaten all day

I’m trying to drink

This ginger ale

Hoping to heal

But I still feel

Like throwing up

All the things I

Wished I had said

All the things I

Wished I did differently

But the longer I lay here

I feel the scars rise under my skin

Scars I never knew about

Scars I ignored


I didn’t mean it

I care about you

I love you

Won’t work

Won’t heal

This damage of

Seconds, minutes

Days, weeks


You have caused

Tumblr poems collection: November 29th 2014

You use to look at me


I use to feel butterflies

Spring flowers, green grass, honey bees

You use to touch me


I use to feel weak


From the tips of your fingers

Against my skin

Now you kiss me

And I feel nothing

In the pit of my stomach

I’m craving love and affection

I starve

You are nothing but

A stranger

To my body

To my mind

To my heart

I’ll be okay

Tumblr Collection Prose Edition: This Isn’t a Love Story

We sat in silence in your mom’s van.

I tried my hardest not to let the tears roll down my cheek, but I failed. I didn’t want to show you anymore weakness or vulnerability, but I failed.

I stared down at my feet and said

“Well I guess you got to go.”

You were staring at me but I couldn’t dare to look at you.

I opened the van door and you said “Wait”

I looked back at you and you pulled me in for a kiss. You didn’t care that my nose was running all over your mouth. You didn’t let go.

You whispered in my ear “I love you a lot as a friend, as a lover, as whatever you want. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You kissed me one more time and I finally left the van, Wondering when I would finally leave you