30 Day Blog Challenge Day 29

Day 29- A confession

I’m a pretty open book on here. I tend to over share everywhere. I don’t have much to hide.

I guess my confession is I do want to be famous. I’m narcissistic. I love fucking attention to a certain extent. I want to be interviewed. I want people to read books about me. It’s weird but honestly that’s a thing about me that I don’t really talk about.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 28

Day 28- Most embarrassing moment

I have a lot to be honest. I think my most embarrassing moment is in middle school.

I had a huge crush on this guy. It was like an obsession to be honest. The only thing was he had a girlfriend. That didn’t stop me though. I wrote him a love letter and had my friends give it to him. The next day his girlfriend told me my letter was cute. I still haven’t recovered.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 27

Day 27- What’s in your closet?

I just want people to know this is really hard to showcase because I’m kinda of a shopaholic. I also dress very eccentric. I do have my off days where I dress plain but I did get a small picture of my closet where you can see a bunch of different textures and colors. (my iPhone camera is so messed up is not even funny anymore)

30 Day Blog Challenge Day Day 26

Day 26: Your Hidden Talent

I just want to start off by saying sorry I haven’t been writing much. I have been very anxious and depressed lately. Shit just sucks lately. I’m starting to get out of my rut though.

I think I’ve been avoiding this post too because I don’t feel like I have a hidden talent. I hide the things I like to do which is write and draw so I’ll just say that. Writing and drawing is my hidden talent but I’m not great at either one of them.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 25

Day 25- Your Biggest Regret

I think we all have things in life we wished we did differently. I honestly can say I probably don’t have any regrets. I like the person I am now and if I didn’t fuck up a couple times I wouldn’t be who I am.

So I’m sticking to it. No Regrets!

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 23

Day 23- If You Won The Lottery

This is a hard question because I’ve come to the conclusion that I would never like to be rich. It’s honestly immoral. Living in a capitalistic society, it’s hard not to want extreme wealth. Most of us are a slave to money and then we die. (It’s a lyric reference!) I’m going to answer this the best way I can.

If I won the lottery, I would pay all my debts and just make sure Jaime and I are set up for life. I would never want to work again or at least in the way that I am. I would make sure my mom’s bills and house are paid for. I want her to be able to retire. I don’t want my mom to work again and she deserves it. I would like to pay off my dad’s bills and get him a house paid off. I would give my brother a big chunk and let him spend it on whatever he wants.

For the remaining I would donate to a charity or organization. I would like to donate to an organization that helps with housing and another one that provides medical care. (does this exist in America?)

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 22

Day 22- Your Worst Habits

  • Smoking weed
  • Eating too much fast food
  • Staying in bed too much
  • Never staying with one interest for too long
  • Drinking (although I cut my drinking drastically)
  • Forgetting to eat
  • Not wearing socks
  • Never working out
  • Petty
  • Avoiding the doctors